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Answers the question: What is the title of the Publication?

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Publication.10.0129/94PA00208 +Astronomic timescale for the Pliocene Atlantic d18O and dust flux records of Ocean Drilling Program site 659.  +
Publication.10.0138/nature02903 +Decline of surface temperature and salinity in the western tropical Pacific Ocean in the Holocene epoch.  +
Publication.10.1002/2013GL057782 +A 308 year record of climate variability in West Antarctica  +
Publication.10.1002/2013PA00252 +Tropical sea surface temperatures for the past four centuries reconstructed from coral archives  +
Publication.10.1002/2013PA002524 +A reconstruction of sea surface temperature variability in the southeastern Gulf of Mexico from 1734 to 2008 C.E. using cross-dated Sr/Ca records from the coral Siderastrea siderea  +
Publication.10.1002/2013PA002534 +Assessing millennial-scale variability during the Holocene: A perspective from the western tropical Pacific  +
Publication.10.1002/2013PA002555 +Holocene tropical western Indian Ocean sea surface temperatures in covariation with climatic changes in the Indonesian region  +
Publication.10.1002/2014PA002706 +Sea surface and subsurface circulation dynamics off equatorial Peru during the last ~17 kyr  +
Publication.10.1002/2014PA002710 +Offset timing of climate oscillations during the last two glacial-interglacial transitions connected with large-scale freshwater perturbation  +
Publication.10.1002/2014PA002716 +Correlating carbon and oxygen isotope events in early to middle Miocene shallow marine carbonates in the Mediterranean region using orbitally tuned chemostratigraphy and lithostratigraphy  +
Publication.10.1002/2014PA002717 +Tropical sea surface temperatures for the past four centuries reconstructed from coral archives  +
Publication.10.1002/2015GL063956 +Revising midlatitude summer temperatures back to A.D. 600 based on a wood density network  +
Publication.10.1002/2015PA002802 +The consequences of opening the Sunda Strait on the hydrography of the eastern tropical Indian Ocean  +
Publication.10.1002/2015PA002816 +Links between eastern equatorial Pacific stratification and atmospheric CO2rise during the last deglaciation  +
Publication.10.1002/2016PA003057 +The role of uncertainty in estimating lead/lag relationships in marine sedimentary archives: A case study from the tropical Pacific  +
Publication.10.1002/jqs.1071 +Millennia-long tree-ring records from Tasmania and New Zealand: a basis for modelling climate variability and forcing, past, present and future  +
Publication.10.1002/jqs.2767 +Thermocline fluctuations in the western tropical Indian Ocean during the past 35 ka  +
Publication.10.1002/palo.20026 +Isotopically depleted carbon in the mid-depth South Atlantic during the last deglaciation  +
Publication.10.1002/palo.20032 +Southwest Pacific Ocean response to a warming world: Using Mg/Ca, Zn/Ca, and Mn/Ca in foraminifera to track surface ocean water masses during the last deglaciation  +
Publication.10.1002/palo.20053 +Northern and southern hemisphere controls on seasonal sea surface temperatures in the Indian Ocean during the last deglaciation  +
Publication.10.1006/qres.1997.1885 +Temperature and salinity effects on Alkenone ratios measured in surface sediments from the Indian Ocean  +
Publication.10.1007/978-3-642-28845-6 5 +Antarctic climate variability during the past few centuries based on ice core records from coastal Dronning Maud Land and its implications on the recent warming  +
Publication.10.1007/978-3-642-61113-1 3 +Tree-Ring Density Networks for Climate Reconstruction  +, Tree-ring density networks for climate reconstruction  +
Publication.10.1007/BF00140174 +Reconstructed Northern Hemisphere annual temperature since 1671 based on high-latitude tree-ring data from North America  +
Publication.10.1007/BF00176939 +A late Holocene varved sediment record of environmental change from northern Ellesmere Island, Canada  +