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The LinkedEarth wiki support several categories of users.

The Basic Editor level (given upon approval of LinkedEarth membership) allows users to edit, upload, and download datasets and make changes to almost all pages on the wiki, except to the core ontology (see our website to learn more about the LinkedEarth ontology and its core and crowd components). These pages are marked by a © to denote "core".

If you'd like to get more involved into the LinkedEarth ontology, contact us to receive Advanced Editor and Editorial Board Members training.


A visitor is someone who just wants to explore the content of the wiki.

A visitor cannot edit pages on the wiki nor contribute datasets.

A visitor does not have access to the users' profiles.

Basic Editor

Upon approval of LinkedEarth Membership (see our charter for conditions of membership, each user is given Basic Editor privileges:

  • Add datasets to the wiki
  • Edit metadata properties of any datasets [1]
  • Add metadata properties and categories:
    • Adopt properties already available on the platform
    • Create new property (The "crowd ontology")
  • Edit text documentation in any crowd ontology pages
  • Rename the term corresponding to any crowd ontology page
  • Add comments in the Discussion tab in any page (see this Tutorial to get started with discussion pages).

Advanced Editor

Advanced editors are approved by the Editorial Board and have an understanding of the LinkedEarth ontology. In addition to Basic Editor privileges, Advanced Editors can

  • Add domain and range for properties of any crowd ontology properties
  • Specify the properties that apply to a category

Editorial Board Members

The members are appointed according to the by-laws. They have a deep understanding of 1) the core ontology and the history of prior changes and issues, 2) the ramifications of local edits into the overall ontology and the datasets that uses it, 3) the by-laws that govern the LinkedEarth community. In addition to Advanced Editors privileges, Editorial Board Members can:

  • Promote a crowd ontology term into a core ontology term, even by changing its meaning or renaming it. [2]
  • Add new properties to the core ontology
  • Add new categories to the core ontology
  • Rename properties in previous versions of the core ontology
  • Rename categories in previous versions of the core ontology
  • Change domain and range of properties in previous versions of the core ontology.


  1. The LinkedEarth wiki is meant to crowdsource data curation, therefore any users can edit a dataset you may have contributed. If you'd like to keep track of edits made on a datasets you've contributed, check the "Watch this Page" box before committing your changes. The page will be automatically added to your watchlist.
  2. Any member of the LinkedEarth community can suggest a core ontology change by using this form