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<gallery mode = "packed-overlay" widths=150px heights=150px>
File:LiPD Logo.jpg | [[Creating a LiPD file]]
File:LiPD Logo.jpg | [[Creating a LiPD file]]
File:AnnotateDatasetImage.png | [[Dataset Tutorial]]
File:AnnotateDatasetImage.png | [[Dataset Tutorial | Upload a LiPD dataset]]
File:BrowseIcon.png| [[MD982181.Khider.2014 | Browse a dataset]]
File:BrowseIcon.png| [[MD982181.Khider.2014 | Browse a dataset]]

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Welcome to the LinkedEarth Wiki!

The LinkedEarth wiki is a platform that:

  1. enables the curation of publicly-accessible database by paleoclimate experts, and
  2. fosters the development of standards, so paleoclimate data are easier to analyze, share, and re-use.

Getting started with LinkedEarth

Several tutorials are also available on our YouTube channel!

Community Activities

Join a working group (WG) and participate in the discussion about paleoclimate data standards.

New: Each working group has polls waiting for community input. You must be logged in to vote.

In the Linked Earth context, a WG is a self-organized coalition of knowledgeable experts who elaborate and discuss the components of a data standard for their topic(s) of interest. WGs may be created by any member of the LinkedEarth community.

To join a WG, do so on your LinkedEarth wiki profile page.

Contribute Datasets

Current State of the Database

The LinkedEarth Wiki currently contains 705 datasets. Before the summer, we will include 692 from the latest PAGES2k compilation, ca 100 Holocene records, as well as >100 deep-sea cores from the benthic stack compilation. Please contact us if you want to lead a data drive to flesh it out some more.

Dataset Location

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Recently Contributed Datasets

LiPD Dataset ArchiveTypeCoordinates 
A7.Oppo.2005marine sediment28° 1' 12", 127° 1' 12"
BJ8-03-13GGC.Linsley.2010marine sediment-7° 24' 0", 115° 12' 0"
BJ8-03-70GGC.Linsley.2010marine sediment-3° 34' 12", 119° 22' 48"
GeoB5844-2.Arz.2003marine sediment27° 42' 47", 34° 40' 55"
GeoB7702-3.Castaneda.2010marine sediment31° 39' 6", 34° 4' 0"
GeoB10043-3.Setiawan.2016marine sediment-7° 18' 33", 105° 3' 31"
GeoB10069-3.Gibbons.2014marine sediment-9° 35' 41", 120° 55' 1"
GeoB12605-3.Kuhnert.2014marine sediment-5° 34' 23", 39° 6' 29"
JR51GC35.Bendle.2007marine sediment66° 59' 58", 17° 57' 40"
MD972120-MD972121.Pahnke.2006marine sediment
... further results

Search the Database by Archive

More about LinkedEarth

Website: LinkedEarth Website

Social Media: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube channel | GitHub