PaCTS v1.0

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This page describes the first version of PaCTS (Paleoclimate Community reporTing Standard).


This page describes PaCTS v1.0, which represents the first attempt by the paleoclimate community to standardize the reporting of paleoclimate data. To do so, the community organized itself in working groups centered around the main proxy archives. To see detailed discussions about how the standards evolved, see the current working groups (shortcut on the left).

The recommendation follows a vote on this platform, the LinkedEarth twitter account, and a survey distributed to the community through various platforms (e.g., listservs, PAGES network).

PaCTS v1.0

Each property is either deemed essential (without which the record can't be reused), recommended (necessary to reuse the record optimally), and desired.

In this context a legacy dataset is defined as a dataset that has not been contributed by the original author (see here for details).

Cross Archive Metadata

See the discussion in the cross-archive metadata working group page.

Table 1: Recommendation for cross-archive metadata.
Property New Dataset Legacy Dataset
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Example A Example B Example C
Example ! Example @ Example #

Historical Documents

Ice Cores

Lake Sediments

Marine Sediments






Road to v2.0