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Welcome to the LinkedEarth Wiki!

The LinkedEarth wiki is a platform that:

  1. enables the curation of publicly-accessible database by paleoclimate experts, and
  2. fosters the development of standards, so paleoclimate data are easier to analyze, share, and re-use.

Getting started with LinkedEarth

Several tutorials are also available on our YouTube channel!

Community Activities

Join a working group (WG) and participate in the discussion about paleoclimate data standards.

New: Each working group has polls waiting for community input. You must be logged in to vote.

In the Linked Earth context, a WG is a self-organized coalition of knowledgeable experts who elaborate and discuss the components of a data standard for their topic(s) of interest. WGs may be created by any member of the LinkedEarth community. Currently, the LinkedEarth community is organized around 14 working groups.

To join a WG, do so on your LinkedEarth wiki profile page.

Contribute Datasets

Current State of the Database

The LinkedEarth Wiki currently contains 705 datasets, mostly from the PAGES2k compilation. Before the summer, we will include ~ 100 Holocene records, as well as >100 deep-sea cores from the LR04 benthic stack compilation. Please contact us if you want to lead a data drive to flesh it out some more.

Dataset Location

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Recently Contributed Datasets

LiPD Dataset ArchiveTypeCoordinates 
A7.Oppo.2005marine sediment28° 1' 12", 127° 1' 12"
BJ8-03-13GGC.Linsley.2010marine sediment-7° 24' 0", 115° 12' 0"
BJ8-03-70GGC.Linsley.2010marine sediment-3° 34' 12", 119° 22' 48"
GeoB5844-2.Arz.2003marine sediment27° 42' 47", 34° 40' 55"
GeoB7702-3.Castaneda.2010marine sediment31° 39' 6", 34° 4' 0"
GeoB10043-3.Setiawan.2016marine sediment-7° 18' 33", 105° 3' 31"
GeoB10069-3.Gibbons.2014marine sediment-9° 35' 41", 120° 55' 1"
GeoB12605-3.Kuhnert.2014marine sediment-5° 34' 23", 39° 6' 29"
GeoB12610-2.Rippert.2015marine sediment-4° 49' 0", 39° 25' 25"
GIK17748-2.Kim.2002marine sediment-32° 45' 0", -72° 2' 0"
... further results

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More about LinkedEarth

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