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Welcome to the LinkedEarth Wiki!

The LinkedEarth wiki is a platform that (1) enables the curation of publicly-accessible database by paleoclimate experts, and (2) fosters the development of standards, so paleoclimate data are easier to analyze, share, and re-use.

To learn more about the other core LinkedEarth activities, visit our website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter!

Tutorials on how to use the wiki are available on our YouTube channel!

Getting started with LinkedEarth

  1. Become a member of the LinkedEarth Community.
  2. Follow our StartUp Guide for a wiki tutorial.
  3. Browse existing pages
  4. Contribute data.
  5. Join a working group

Join a working group

In the Linked Earth context, a working group (WG) is a self-organized coalition of knowledgeable experts who elaborate and discuss the components of a data standard for their topic(s) of interest. Working groups may be created by any member of the LinkedEarth community.

Below is a list of currently available WGs. To join a WG, do so on your LinkedEarth wiki profile page.

Current State of the Database

The LinkedEarth Wiki currently contains 0 datasets.

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