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LiPD Utilities are a set of tools that work with LiPD files. These tools have a set of core functions that are coded for R, Matlab, and Python environments. The utilities are focused on core aspects of working with LiPD files, and will be extensible to meet other needs. The main functions are:

  • Read
  • Write
  • Extract Timeseries
  • Collapse Timeseries
  • Filter
  • Convert Excel format to LiPD format
  • Convert LPD format to NOAA format
  • Update publication using


LiPD Utilities follows the versioning pattern of "". The version numbers represent "Major Release", "Minor Release", "Maintenance Release", and "Build Number" respectively. Official package updates will be released through PyPi for all major, minor, and maintenance updates. The Github repository will continue to have updates for all changes.