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In the Linked Earth context, a working group (WG) is a self-organized coalition of knowledgeable experts, whose activities are governed herewith. This page is dedicated to the discussion of data and metadata standards for historical documents, and aims to formulate a set of recommendations for such a standard.

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Data is usually compiled from different historical sources. The LiPD data structure supports several Publication, that is normally used for referring to the publication describing the data. So this data cluster can be used for historical sources as well, in addition to the current publication describing the data.

Scans, Pages

Each source can optionally have a bunch of images, that are the scans of the pages inside the source. Maybe this can be dropped for the LiPD format and only references to external images should be added to the quotes.


Out of each sources, several quotes could be extracted by transcribing them. Related data would most probably go into "measurementTables".

  • Quote-ID: For later reference
  • Reference to source: maybe short form like "Author()Year" is adequate
  • Page: String of the page(s) number where the quote is extracted from
  • Scan: Optional link(s) to externally stored image of this page(s)
  • Language: The language of the quote (or it's translation)
  • Protolanguage: The language the quote was written originally
  • Quote: The quote itself (UTF8)
  • License: License of the quote (cc)
  • DOI: DOI, the quote is published


Events, that are more like interpretations of the quote would go into "model part". Each events refers to

  • a quote
  • a position
  • a time

and contains a climate related data. (to be defined)

(source_id,quote_id,license_event,doi_event,position_description,name_position,location_type,latitude,longitude,geometry,elevation,geonames_id,calendar,begin_year,begin_month,begin_day,begin_hour,begin_timestamp,end_year,end_month,end_day,end_hour,end_timestamp,codeset_id,codeset_description,category,path,node_label,scale_label,scale_unit,value_label,value_index,average,variance,si_unit,si_average,si_variance )


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